Modern Funky Cafe – Circa

We went to Parramatta for shopping and heard from friends there was a nice small modern cafe hidden behind the train station. So we walked to the end of the train station and noticed this cafe which looks like it was previously a alleyway. There was no name of the restaurant to be seen anywhere but there didn’t seem like any other restaurant around, it was already 2pm and we were hungry so we decided to try it anyway.

Restaurant: Circa Expresso (

Where: 21 Wentworth Street, Parramatta, NSW, 2150

The Cafe Entrance

The Cafe inside

The Menu

Phoenix Organic Drinks, Left: Apple Orange and Mango, Right: Apple and Guava. $4 each.

Scrambled Egg on Toast –  Wrongly given to us.

Baked Egg with chorizo, tomato and Chili Flakes with toasted bread – $14

Scrambled Egg with Potato, mushrooms on toasted bread – $14

Service: 7/10 – One of the waitresses was quite annoying. We sat down and she keep asking if we were ready. Then when one of the dishes came out it was wrong they gave me the scrambled egg on toast. (I think in any restaurant if we are ready, we will call you over or we will put down the menu and wait…. ). After informing them, one of the guys apologised to us (probably the owner) and said we are very sorry, and it was the waitresses first day at work. True or not, he was very sincere and meant what he said.

Rating: 8/10 -The two dishes we ordered is absolutely delicious. We usually like to eat meat everytime we go out to eat, no matter what meal of the day  it is. But even ordering a dish with no meat, we were satisfied as it just made our mouths excited. With both dishes, the blend when eating everything together is just perfect when putting it in your mouth. When you eat the ingredients separately, it’s just normal but when together. It’s just works so well. The cafe is small but it’s meant to be funky and different to a normal cafe similar to places you see in Surry Hills or Newtown (as you can see from the pictures) and we think it’s really cool.

We would have given this a 9/10 but because of the bad waitress and the wrong dish given to us we had to lower the score. Also, most cafe places make their own drinks. They specialise in their own coffee beans so wondering why they don’t make their own e.g. cold drinks rather than bottled stuff.

Will we go again? Yes definitely, the food is absolutely delicious, a must try. Next time will also try their coffee. Apparently it is very good.

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