Korean Hotpot for One

My other half was not with me today, It was a cold night soIi decided to eat something warm with my friend. I suggested Korean hotpot and my friend seemed happy with it. We walked along Pitt st where all Korean places are and saw this place downstairs was always full. So decided to try it.

Restaurant: NaruOne Korean Restaurant

Where: 375 Pitt St , Sydney, NSW 2000

Typical Korean side dishes (very average)

Spicy Korean pork ribs (serves one) – $14. Taste is okay as i asked for less spicy, but wasn’t really much meat on the bones and definitely not the best i’ve had. Seoul Ria definitely better.

Service: 6/10 – The place doesn’t really have good waiting area and the waitress didn’t give us any ticket or ask for names for waiting in line. People who came after us, also 2 people got a table before us. Wasn’t happy about that. Also when sitting down, after 1min, the waitress asked us, ready to order? Even the guy sitting next to us laughed. He looked at us and said order after 1min?

Rating: 6/10

Will we go again? There isn’t really much on the menu at this place. Mostly stonepot rice and mini hotpot. I think it’s meant to be for one person dishes and I don’t think it’s meant to be a traditional Korean Restaurant but more of a fast food Korean Place. I would go back if there was no waiting and just wanted a quick meal.

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