Thai Garden House

A friends gathering was decided on this day and one of our friends decided to book this place to try.

Restaurant: Thai Garden House (

Where: 526 Church St Sydney, NSW 2151

Ginger Pork – $16.50

Racha Noodles – $14

Black Sticky Rice with Coconut Icecream – $7.90

Service: 8/10 – We had a massive table, they waiters and waitresses were well mannered and prompt when answering questions.

Rating: 6/10 – The food is ok, nothing bad to say about it, but nothing really good to say about it either. This restaurant, does not serve traditional Thai food (kind of expected). It is very typical Thai restaurant which you could find anywhere with typical dishes like green curry and Pad See Ew . We asked if they had Thai Milk tea and they said no. The highlight of the day was the special Black Sticky Rice with Coconut icecream. It’s not the best i’ve tasted but it brings the restaurant above a score of 5.

Will we go again? No, probably not. If i wanted typical Thai food, there are many restaurants around that serve it.


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