Chef Gallery – Must-have Handmade Noodles

We often go to Chefs Gallery after work, even though there is always a queue outside and have to wait. Their signature dish handmade noodles is a must to order every time,  you… Continue reading

Relaxing in Manly

Someone slept in until 1pm! Since we don’t have car this weekend we decided to get on something unusual – ferry. We only arrived Manly at 4ish. We walked around and took a… Continue reading

Shitty Icecream

We wandered around China Town on a Friday evening. After having yummy takoyaki we would like to have some nice sweet stuff. The newly open gelato shop is always packed with people so… Continue reading

Malaysia at its best

This place always has a line outside and we always wondered was it worth it? Restaurant: Mamak – Haymarket ( Where: 15 Goulburn Street Haymarket NSW 2000 Roti Telur Bawang $7 (Egg and… Continue reading

Breakfast on the Beach

It was a sunny morning with light breeze, an awesome day for Festival of Wind. We headed to Trio to have a bite before enjoying the sky filled with colorful kites. Restaurant: Trio… Continue reading

From Spanish to Italian

Someone promised to bring me to Bogeda ( today. Unfortunately it doesn’t take booking for 2 people. When we arrived at 8:15pm, we were told that the wait time was one and a… Continue reading

Really HOT pot

We met on our usual Thu dating night and was heading to China town. Someone was craving Korean hotpot (yes Korean food again!) I looked around and reckon there is one at the… Continue reading

Landed in Bangkok

We watched Total Recall after Takeru (it’s a crap movie…) and we felt hungry! What’s still opening in Sydney at midnight?! Then I recalled the restaurants at Capitol Square open late on weekend!… Continue reading

Takeru – Japanese casual dining

We just had a birthday BBQ with a friend and didn’t feel too hungry. So we tried to have something simple and light. Takeru is a good choice as they offer half-size dishes. Restaurant:… Continue reading

Modern Indian?

We walked around Pitt St mall Westfield after work and decided to eat something in the food court. Restaurant: 9 Marys – Modern Indian Where: Westfield Pitt Street Food Court Picutre of the… Continue reading