The Chairman and Yip

It was rainy and cold. We came all the way to Canberra for NightFest but it was cancelled because of the bad weather condition. We were very disappointed but yeah shit happens… Fortunately we had Plan B.

Before we arrived in Canberra we researched a bit on the restaurants. We found this place looking to be quite interesting. They have a restaurant in Hong Kong (大班樓) which serves very tradition Hong Kong food and was awarded with Michelin One Star in 2011. The Chairman and Yip is in the same group so we hoped it would be equally good.

Restaurant: The Chairman and Yip (

Where:  Address: 108 Bunda Street, Civic, Canberra, ACT 2601

The menu

Chardonnay – I didn’t know what wine to order so I asked the waitress to recommend

Pan-seared fishcakes with five spiced tomato mayonnaise

Fried king prawns with ginger infused chili

Chairman’s duck pancakes

Char grilled field mushroom with herb & cashew pesto
– the pesto sauce is a very good mix with the mushroom

Sesame crusted Ocean Trout with cinnamon infused soy

Beef & scallops ground pepper hot pot – our favourite dish of the day

Left: Creme Brulee, Right: Cinnamon and Chilli Semi Fredo and poached Pear

It was a dinner for two set which is $68 per person. The set comes with complementary tea or coffee.

Service:  9/10 – The waiters and waitresses are very well-mannered and very friendly

Rating: 8/10  – The food type is probably described as Modern Chinese Fusion for Australian’s. The food is quite delicious, food came in on time, and the staff were friendly. No complaints.

Will we go again?  No, as we prefer traditional Chinese food. But we would definitely recommend people to come and experience this set Banquet.

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