Chef Gallery – Must-have Handmade Noodles

We often go to Chefs Gallery after work, even though there is always a queue outside and have to wait. Their signature dish handmade noodles is a must to order every time,  you can see them making it when you are outside.  So of course,  we had to eat it again.

Restaurant: Chefs Gallery (

Where: 12/501 George Street Sydney NSW 2000

Left: Lychee and Mango Juice – $5.90, Right: Mango Splash (mango puree with aiyu jelly and soda) – $4.90

Handmade noodles with pork, cabbage and black fungus – $14.90

Mini Pork burger – $13.90

Spring special menu – Chicken and basil dumpling with sweet chili sauce – $12.90 (sorry the picture doesn’t make it look nice)


Service: 7/10 – Service is quite normal nothing good or bad, but they seem to rush you to eat is probably the worst point. They gave us 1 hour limit in eating, which i didn’t understand. There was plenty of empty tables around and we didn’t see a queue. Also there wasn’t people waiting outside.

Rating: 8/10 – For those who haven’t been to Chef’s Gallery. The food is what you called Modern Fusion Chinese. They have food from the North and the South and put their own little touch to some of the dishes. Some of the dishes is probably a bit expensive/overpriced but the quality is there.

Will we go again? Yes the food here is just delicious.  Recommended to try.


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