Relaxing in Manly

Someone slept in until 1pm! Since we don’t have car this weekend we decided to get on something unusual – ferry.

We only arrived Manly at 4ish. We walked around and took a break at Sugar Lounge when it got a bit chill. I had a passionfruit mojito and my dear had a hot chocolate. Drink is so-so but the couch is super comfy. We stayed for a hour then we headed to the famous Hugos for dinner.

Restaurant: Hugos Manly (

Where: Shop 1 ,Manly Wharf/East Esplanade Manly NSW 2095



Pure blonde and white cosmo ($17)

Scallops wrapped in pancetta, pea mousse, black olive caramel & baby herb salad – $26


Fettuccine pasta with king prawns – $30

This seasonal special is no good. The pasta is not al dente and the prawn is not fresh enough!


Pork Belly Pizza – $28 – slow roasted pork belly with sweet & sour onions, radicchio & buffalo milk mozzarella

The first bite is good but I would say having one is enough. This pizza is too oily!

Service: 6/10 – The main waitress serving us was cute and friendly but not the other staff. Our shared plates were taken after the entree while we actually wanted to share the pizza and pasta as well. The restaurant was full and really busy, but i think they could do better with the service.

Rating: 6/10 – Very surprised by the scores by others. A bit overrated by the others I would say. The food is good but not worth the price. The scallops were okay but a bit chewy meaning they were a bit over done. The pasta was average, we found some prawn shells in our pasta. The pizza is just too oily and the taste also is very average taste for the price.

It’s probably better for people who like to drink, good noisy bar atmosphere and want a good view. (We went at night and there wasn’t much of a view anyway).

Will we come back? Not very sure if we would come back. I am sure I can get better pizza and pasta elsewhere with a more reasonable price.

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