Shitty Icecream

We wandered around China Town on a Friday evening. After having yummy takoyaki we would like to have some nice sweet stuff. The newly open gelato shop is always packed with people so we thought it would be a good one.

Restaurant: N2 Extreme Gelato (

Where: 43/1 Dixon St, Sydney, NSW 2000

The shop is packed with people!

Making ice cream is like doing an experiment

Green tea sorbet with pepper – $6

Service: 7/10 – Efficient in taking order

Rating: 2/10 – I guess we ordered the wrong thing. Green tea and sorbet is not the best match. And the green tea taste is a bit weird.

Will we come back? We said NO at first. But after checking urbanspoon (80%+ rating) maybe we shall give it a try again.

N2 Extreme Gelato on Urbanspoon