Landed in Bangkok

We watched Total Recall after Takeru (it’s a crap movie…) and we felt hungry! What’s still opening in Sydney at midnight?!

Then I recalled the restaurants at Capitol Square open late on weekend!

Restaurant: @Bangkok (

Where: Shop G 11, Capitol Square 730-742, George St, Sydney 200

Palm juice and Coconut juice – $4 each

Kiew Hor Poo – Cigar-like wonton stuffed with crab meat, pork, mushroom and carrot served with wasabi mayonnaise – $12.9

Crispy with a mild taste of wasabi . Great snack for supper.

Asparagus Beef – Slices of beef stir-fried with asparagus, oyster mushroom and shitake mushroom in oyster sauce – $13.9

Fresh asparagus. Beef was not tender enough though.

Kanom Ko Ka ti Sod – Traditional coconut dumpling in sweet coconut milk – $6.5

Very sweet and thick coconut milk. The coconut dumpling is very chewy.

Service: 7/10 – The service is just average here,  some of the waitresses didn’t have good english but we didn’t deduct any points for that.

Food: 7/10 – The food is not the best here, it’s actually very average. We decided to try it because it was one of the only places still open after so late and also seeing the restaurant full and only with Thai people we thought it would be good.  Nothing much really to say about this restaurant, the food is average tasting, but just the atmosphere is good for supper and brings t he score up more. If there was no live band there that night, the score would be lower.

Will we go back? Yeah definitely for supper! (It opens until 2am on weekday and 4am on weekend!). It’s a good place for drinking and a late night supper for atmosphere. Food isn’t the best I suppose but there was a live band there and the restaurant is still full at 2-3am. Really did feel like we were at Bangkok.

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