Takeru – Japanese casual dining

We just had a birthday BBQ with a friend and didn’t feel too hungry. So we tried to have something simple and light. Takeru is a good choice as they offer half-size dishes.

Restaurant: Takeru

Where: 10/339 Sussex Street  Sydney NSW 2000

Chicken Namban – OISHII! We love the mayonnaise.

The main dish comes with miso soup and rice with an addition of $3.5 (Not worth it)

Spicy agedashi tofu – the shō-yu (Japanese soy sauce) and chili sauce is really a good match!

Half-size fried rice with Scallop. Only so-so.

Half-size miso ramen – YUM! I actually think this is better than that of Gumshara.

Guava juice and Calpis


Service: 7/10 – The service here is ok nothing special, the food comes out quite fast like any asian restaurant place. Nothing to complain here.

Rating: 7/10 – The food here is quite delicious, one of the best places in Japanese Sydney. They also have mini versions of each dish. I think that is good as some people may not want to eat so much for whatever reason. The Chicken is big portioned and quite tasty. Our regret in getting this was adding the rice and the miso. It’s definitely not worth it and also doesn’t taste any good.  The tofu is also quite nice, we personally prefer tofu to be bit sized or maybe a bit bigger. With the fried rice, i don’t think we would get it again, it wasn’t tasty or flavoursome. I guess the Japanese aren’t known for their fried rice like Chinese or Thai people. The Ramen is definitely something that we would try again, it’s not the best Ramen but also not the worse too. It’s not too salty of full of MSG.

Will we go again? Yeah definitely. Good value of food and decent taste. Would recommend people to come to try it too.

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