Modern Indian?

We walked around Pitt St mall Westfield after work and decided to eat something in the food court.

Restaurant: 9 Marys – Modern Indian

Where: Westfield Pitt Street Food Court

Picutre of the restaurant in the food court.

Daily Special – Butter Chicken with Basmati rice, salad and Naan Bread – $14.90

Thali – a selection of curry with naan bread and dessert – $14.90


Rose and Mango Lassi – $3.50 each


Service: normal food court, 7/10

Rating: 5/10 – The rice was really dry and bland. I know this is food court but i think it is worse than usual. The curry is ok, nothing special. The naan bread is also very average. Very modernised for Australian taste. And yes, i think it’s not good. Only good thing is the Lassi. Otherwise the score would probably be even lower.

Would we go again? Probably not. We don’t eat much Indian but i don’t think it was that good. Would go elsewhere next time. Probably somewhere in Surry Hills Crown Street.


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