Löwenbräu Keller

Löwenbräu is always our favourite for a taste of beer! We had a big appetite and of course, where else would  you get big food?


Restaurant: Löwenbräu (http://www.lowenbrau.com.au/)

Where: 18 Argyle Street  The Rocks NSW 2000


Giant Pork Schnitzel (Löwenschnitzel) – $31.5

Our all time favourite – Pork Belly (Knuspriger Schweinebauch) – $31.5


Mango Beer (Franziskaner Mango Weizen) – 500ml – $12.1 (YUM!!!!!!!!)


Service: Average, 7/10 – For us the service was ok, nothing special. But for other tables, i think one of the waiters was pretty rude. He came to their table and put a beer down. They said, sorry this is not ours but he still insisted to put it down. He then went away with the beer to double check and then he came back and said this is yours and put it down again.

Rating: 7/10 – If you are hungry and want a big feed then you should come to this place. I believe people would come here more for the atmosphere and beer rather than the food.

Would we go again? Yes, food is big and delicious. Wouldn’t say it’s the best German food we’ve had before. Will see how it compares to Bavarian Beer Cafe later.


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