(Not so) Fresh Lobster

We had a birthday getaway in Port Stephens and we were hoping both of us could enjoy a good time there.

I never thought that booking this restaurant was just the start of a series of unfortunate events…

Restaurant: Rock Lobster Restaurant (http://www.rocklobsterrestaurant.com.au/)

Where: 6 Teramby Road  Nelson Bay New South Wales 2315

I made a booking couple of hours before and was surprised to know there were still seats available.

Grilled Seafood Selection, fish of the day (king fish), prawns and scallops served with garden salad – $36

The fish was totally unacceptable. I was too kind not to tell the staff.

(Not-so-)Fresh Lobster. Looks good? Yes. Taste Good? 100% no. It was dry and tasteless. It was the last lobster they had as well. So you would think that being a lobster named restaurant and being sold out…. it would be good……definitely not.

Service: 1/10 – We arrived on time but it took at least 20 min to be seated. We have been waiting for so long so we were starving but it also took forever for the food to come. Also a family came for dinner, waited for staff to take  their order. They waited so long for staff, they left…..i really can’t blame them.

Rating: 1/10 – I can’t believe it has such a good rating on tripadviser. Maybe we were just unlucky? We spend over $150 on these two dishes. You would expect first class services and food for this price. Go to any Chinese restaurant for lobster and you’ll see the difference.

Will we go again? No way! Wouldn’t recommend anyone to go. Please stay away, yes…it is that bad. I wish we left like that family as well. Waste of money, waste of time.

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