A Cafe with a view

My colleagues suggested this place to us. Drove past many times but never thought the food in a small Cafe next to a park would be so good. It looked like a canteen which sold kids food for Kids Saturday Sport. (which it is was as there is a canteen attached to the Cafe)

Restaurant: Nield Park Pavillion Cafe

Where: 89A Henley Marine Drive,Rodd Point

Big Breakfast –  $18 – toast, mushrooms, spinach, beans, scrambled egg, sausage, bacon, tomato (Yes it is big! )

Salmon Omelette – $14 – huge Omelette with Salmon and crusty toast.

Hot chocolate and Capuccino

Service: 5/10 – They only take cash and VERY slow in service.

Rating: 8/10 – The big breakfast was just delicious. Every part of the dish was wonderful. I am a big eater but still i had a bit of trouble to finish it. If you’re a person who loves views then you will not be dissapointed to look at the nice water view while eating.

Will we go again? Yes definitely, only for the food and view. Definitely worth a try again.


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